Statement From Mayoral Candidate

John Wood

I entered the mayoral race because I see the extreme violence taking place in our city.  Like many Philadelphians, I was heartbroken and wanted to help the community.  I achieved the #1 ballot position and believe this legitimized my candidacy and boosted my efforts. 


My experience in leadership started when I was 18 years old serving in the U.S. Marines. I was a crew chief on Marine One in the Presidential Helicopter Squadron during the Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush administrations.  I served as a Philadelphia Police Officer for 31 years.  I was a Detective, Sergeant, Detective Supervisor, Special Victims Supervisor, and Patrol Lieutenant in the 22nd Police District.  


After my police career, I achieved a top-secret clearance and worked with the intelligence services.  I later graduated from the PA State Parole Academy. Being an Agent brought me even closer to the community.  All of these combined experiences and accomplishments provided me with the skills to make a Mayoral run. 


My candidacy was built around making the city safer. We need the next Mayor to prioritize public safety and address the historically low levels of police. These are times of unprecedented gun violence and other violent crimes. My candidacy also focused on increased social services, schools, education, youth engagement, jobs, and opportunities. I know the other Mayoral candidates agree with me on these issues. 


After careful consideration with my family and friends, I have decided to withdraw from the Mayoral race. Even with the #1 ballot position, I cannot compete with the millions of dollars raised so far by the other candidates. 


I got into this race later than the other candidates. I understand these circumstances make it difficult for me to continue my run. This was never about me. This was about prioritizing the city’s safety, and I wish the next Mayor luck in pursuing this monumental task.


I would like to thank my team, my supporters, my family and friends, my fellow Philadelphia Police Officers and State Parole Agents, and ask that everyone remember what this was about.  Love of our city and fellow citizens.  It takes all of us.   Be safe everyone. 


Lt. John Wood 

(Retired) Philadelphia Police Department